Of Yoga And Labels

yoga label

Today was the last day of our Summer break. From tomorrow on, all classes at the Yogashala will continue! You are welcome to explore the delicate relationship between strength and softness, effort and allowing on the yoga mat.

Our focus is to guide you directly and as gracefully as possible in your explorations. We love teaching people who are willing to learn and refine what they already know. So that knowing becomes an embodied experience and you want to practice yoga because you FEEL. 

What if we would simply call it yoga’?

Chris and I have been discussing this question many times over the last years. Dynamic yoga, Kundalini yoga  and Yin yoga classes are available to you. The names are labels and rather confuse, limit and restrict us in our unfolding and growth. We appreciate yoga practice as it about feeling free(dom) in a physical practice. Real freedom, the kind of freedom that you want to feel all the time. The ineffable kind.

Thinking out of the standard yoga box and not allowing your yoga experience to be limited by the name of a class, or the size of your yoga mat has felt encouraging to both of us and therefore our students. Rather pour all your creativity into your practice and let it be contained by your yoga mat and refine it to direct your energy to all your different bodies can feel highly rewarding!

Letting the physical body guide you into experiencing the complementary bodies can bring about the freedom mentioned above. No one can do that for you. Good guidance by a knowledgeable teacher will make a difference. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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