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Yogashala is an intimate yogastudio in the beautiful Statenkwartier in Den Haag. Founded in 2006, it has been a place for authentic yoga practice ever since. We created and evolved Yogashala as a space for people looking for personal attention and support. Whoever wishes more personal assistance, or his circumstances require a customised approach, can consult us in a private setting.

Our presentation of yoga has been a fusion of all the knowledge we collected over the years and our deep trust in and love for life. We attract people willing to invest in learning about active transformation, efficient physical and spiritual self-care, profound wellbeing, and healing.

We believe life has got a lot to offer and you can choose to open yourself to it. Our deepest intention is to live that openness!

Trial class

Would you like to encounter yoga in a comfortable and safe environment? You can attend a class of your choice for trial. Call us at 06 23738751 or visit our contact page to get in touch.

Lady doing yoga in Den haag

Sunday Treat

Retreat from your daily life for an entire day, dedicating your time and energy to yourself only. A day in the presence of love and care.

You can count on a yoga practice that rests on awareness for the incredible beauty and intelligence of your body. Accessible for everybody. Meditate in wisdom and knowing, love and gratitude. We will guide you into your body to experience space, find your heart and connect with it. Direct, pure and simple, paying attention to yourself.

Enjoy purposeful conversations, suitable educative presentations, meaningful quotes and suitable songs and music about things that matter, inspire, give a sense of meaning in life and fulfilment.

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Private yoga classes

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My specialty is teaching one-on-one in private classes . The setting offers the time and space to narrow down what exactly it is you need and how I can verbally, hands-on and with all my heart offer you genuine support. I have the ability and years of experience to choose a targeted approach for the class content. My intuition contributes to a great extent.

Your private yoga classes should serve you as valuable “me-time” and be labeled as “quality time”.

I regularly dedicate blog posts to my one-on-one work to inspire growth, share experiences, reduce prejudices about yoga in general and clarify its potency.

I am looking forward to meeting and teaching you!
Best regards,

Get an impression ahead

Sabine Kupferberg

For me, it was yoga which helped me enormously to start to feel myself again. And it was my work with my yoga teacher Anke which helped me get back on my feet. Meeting Anke in a yoga session one to one is a unique experience. She has the ability to detect the elements in your body, your mind and soul which are missing, and tries to “restore” them.

Edward Warrillow

Yogashala has taught me a yoga practice I will take with me wherever I go. Chris and Anke carefully teach the basics to every student for a practice where details matter and minor adjustments can reveal the full experience of a pose. This passion and attention for their students is a signature of their group classes.

Veronika S.

Anke’s voice is a calming and relaxing, yet clear and understandable guide to your lessons. I have done both, the group classes and individual classes with her, and can totally recommend both. Even after my departure from The Hague, I decided to join the online lessons as it´s so hard to find an adequate substitute!

Of Spirituality and Dimensions

This latest blog post (author: Anke) is an attempt to put into words what exactly reflects my approach and understanding of spirituality in my yoga teachings.

It is an attempt to guide the reader in understanding how I express my perception and sense of spirituality in yoga posture practice.

It is a reflection of my response to the endless number of pseudo-spiritual and spiritual bypassing concepts that one can observe in the “yoga industry”.

Who are we?

Chris Ramkema


Chris encountered yoga at the age of 13, by that time he practiced postures from a book. For Chris there is no yoga, no life, no love without passion and teaching yoga without passion wouldn’t work either. He transmits his knowledge with pure and heartfelt teachings that define what Yogashala is well-known for. He is a Kundalini yoga expert who loves to share!


Anke Mein


Anke’s main tool in teaching yoga is intuition. She knows the “how and why” of the approach she chooses for groups and private classes. Experience gathered over many years  has helped crystallize her perception and approach of someone’s reality and need. Anke meets people with love and compassion, seeing their strength and vulnerability.

Our Newsletter

We love to inspire and connect with aware and awake people to grow a strong and flourishing community.


Chris Ramkema & Anke Mein
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2582 RL Den Haag
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