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Yogashala breathes purity – no mirrors or frills. The class content rests on stillness in the room. Our group classes are open to 10 – 15 students per class. We know all students in person and by name. If appropriate, verbal guidance can be accompanied with hands-on support. All students are equal and competition is ruled out. We love for our students to really feel noticed.

Yogashala has been a place to explore and deepen your personal yoga journey since 2006. You will meet us, Chris and Anke, owners and permanent teachers who personally take care of all classes. We can look back at a total of 50 years of teaching experiences.

Integrity in combination with motivation for self-exploration is a common thread through all our classes. Everybody aiming for a sustainable result can count on our unconditional support. Our core focus is based on our specific knowledge of yoga, correct and appropriate teachings, the variety of people and their learning abilities. We are aware and take into account the individuality of every body with its possibilities and limitations.

Our classes

Dynamic yoga

Dynamic yoga is based on physical effort and free flow of breath. Posture in flow and stillness require coordination and alertness. Applying sensitivity throughout the practice, you’ll experience joy with and from your body as a result!

Yin yoga

You can expect a quietening posture practice that addresses flexibility, range of movement and resilience. We’ll encourage you to explore the impact of postures: get the most out of it, honoring integrity and your physical abilities!

Kundalini yoga

Do you love to work-out? Then you definitely should give Kundalini yoga a try! Movement and postures in stillness are a synthesis of dynamic, powerful movements and breathing. They immensely impact body, mind and your state of awareness.

Private classes

Yoga taught privately is for anyone interested in a personal approach towards an effective and beneficial yoga practice. Each private class is unique and tailored to your individual needs, goals and abilities. We can offer support regarding a broad variety of requests, e.g. physical complaints, burn out, improving coordination, movement and balance or physical and mental relaxation. Upon request we can design an individual program for your self practice.

Trial class

Would you like to encounter yoga in a comfortable and safe environment? You can attend a class of your choice for trial.

Call us at 06 23738751 to get in touch, or subscribe for it at our contact page.

Sunday Morning Specials

Meditation in Variation
26 January 2020

Meditation as your first activity in the morning is a great start of the day. It is an invitation to become clearly aware about what’s going on in your life right now. It fills you with the awareness of your resources in order to master the things that need to be done.
The meditation class offers meditation in flow and stillness – posture practice complemented by a longer sitting. Chandra Namaskar is the foundation for the posture practice whereby the flow will invite the meditative mind. The posture practice prepares your body & mind for the sitting meditation in stillness (min. 30 min).

Waking up with Kundalini yoga
02 February 2020

This is a great class if you want to substitute your drag-me-out-of-bed-coffee for an energizing yoga practice! The Kriyas that are the main part of Kundalini yoga practice, will challenge your physical and mental strength just as much as your resilience.

09 February 2020 

Read this review about an earlier Special: “Today’s Shoulder, Neck and Back Special did the magic for me! I again walked in with irritating tightness in my neck and shoulders and walked out with my neck straight, shoulders down (I tend to  pull them up) and lightness all over. Anke guides us through series of easy moves that result (for me) in pain relief and a great feeling. It is comparable to a good massage, except the result is more sustainable – we learn how to prevent issues in the area and to do help yourself if needed. I appreciate this class so much!”

YinYang in Synergy
16 February 2020 

YinYang in Synergy classes are for everyone who likes the calmness that Yin yoga can bring about, in combination with a flow that will bring balance between silence and movement. The flow will be based on movement to the rhythm of the breath and vary between standing, sitting and supine postures.

Somatic awareness
23 February 2020 

The word ‘soma’ is ancient Greek and means ‘body’. This class is about becoming aware and deepening the awareness of your body. The movement-based exploration will be a practical journey through and with the body. You will be thorougly taught and verbally guided with repetition as the key. All class content in the form of subtle, soft and deliberate movement in repetition aim at becoming more comfortable and have a pleasant experience.

All Specials en Sunday morning classes are open to everybody. Would  you like to join in

Who are we?

Chris Ramkema


Chris encountered yoga at the age of 13, by that time he practiced postures from a book. For Chris there is no yoga, no life, no love without passion and teaching yoga without passion wouldn’t work either. He transmits his knowledge with pure and heartfelt teachings that define what Yogashala is well-known for.


Anke Mein


Anke’s main passion and strength in teaching yoga is intuition. Experience gathered over many years in drop-in classes and one-on-one interaction has helped crystallize her perception and approach of someone’s reality and need. She is one of the few Senior Dynamic yoga Teachers worldwide.


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Yogashala in Trouw

On December 9, an article about Maarten van Vliet appeared in Trouw. In it he explains how yoga at Yogashala changed his life.

Yogashala in Trouw


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