Sunday Treat

Yogashala den haag

A mini-retreat on a Sunday

In our Sunday Treats we invite you to retreat from your daily life for a full day. We decorate the Shala to create a festive atmosphere. You can count on our guidance and support that is based on many years of teaching yoga and meditation, studying health and healing, a diversity of experiments with various life styles and a profound interest in the wonders of life.

Accessible yoga and meditation practices in the morning will serve as a stepping stone for being, connecting and sharing in togetherness and from the heart in the afternoon.

10:00 – 13:00

We will dedicate the time to mindful nourishment and an opportunity to feel your body and deepen your connection with and love for it.

An accessible posture practice will bring you in direct contact with your body. The presence of your heart will be emphasised; it raises awareness, stimulates heart coherence and invites deep relaxation. We will follow-up with a heart-cantered meditation that will rest on soft music and verbal guidance. Becoming aware of and feeling the space inside and around you are the prerequisites to invite i.e. love, joy, courage, freedom and gratitude into your heart.


Vegetarian lunch

We know how much people appreciate good food! And as we, Chris and Anke, love cooking and preparing healthy food, we will serve you a freshly prepared light meal for lunch. It will reflect our awareness for the importance of healthy food as part of a lifestyle that promotes health, vitality and a love for life as we have been studying nutrition for health and longevity for many years.


The accumulated energy from the morning activities will serve as a trustworthy foundation for an afternoon with mutual exchanges and being, connecting and sharing in togetherness.

We will take the lead and share some of what empowers us in our personal and professional life, encouraging you to share as well. Think of sharing life’s stories, thoughts that can evoke conversations, videos that matter, meaningful quotes and suitable songs and music. You can also simply ‘be’ –  in your own stillness and with what is happening around you.

A day to remember, that’s a promise!
Will you be there? We hope so!

Chris & Anke

Impressions of previous Sunday Treats

“Dat wordt nog lang nagenieten van deze bijzondere dag! Wat hebben jullie er een ongelofelijk werk van gemaakt, alles tot in de puntjes en met zoveel aandacht en liefde georganiseerd, het was een diepe ervaring. Het veld van liefde was duidelijk voelbaar en ik geloof (aan alle gezichten te zien naderhand) dat iedereen daar dankbaar van heeft getapt/in heeft gedeeld. Voel veel dankbaarheid. Ik ga het woord in ieder geval verspreiden dat dit bestaat! Graag tot de volgende keer.” ~ Maarten

“Treat yourself to this different Sunday: a calming morning practice with a special focus in a blend of different yoga styles, followed by a delicious home made lunch to be shared together, and an afternoon filled with listening and sharing in a welcoming, warm-hearted atmosphere. Feels like having spent some time in a different dimension. Recommended!” ~ Carolien

All practical

next Treat: Sunday 12 November 2023, 10:00 – 17:00
Costs: € 110,- (vegetarian lunch included)
We offer regular Yogashala students a € 10,- discount.

Places available: 8
You can reserve your spot by sending a registration. To confirm your reservation, we will then ask you to execute a payment request.

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