Of Trust And Hope


About 10 years ago, a young woman joined us at Yogashala. She turned out to be dermatologist. We repeatedly conversed about eczema: I knew what it feels like and all about living with it. She was academically educated about it and had only seen effected, deformed and abnormal skin in her professional practice. 

One day she requested private yoga classes with me, explaining herself by saying that I had something that she would like to explore to integrate into her life. It turned out to be intuition, creativity and the belief to heal myself. I was touched by her openness and enjoyed the inspirational work with her.

Intuition, creativity and belief in self healing

Intuition, creativity and belief in self healing are not highly appreciated and definitely not the basic structural support of the paradigm that is very much present in our collective consciousness in the Western society. Yet, the people who sense the value of it all have been seeking and are more often finding each other for quite some time now.
That’s what we’ve been doing and witnessing at Yogashala for many years. And I feel very happy, nourished and supported, hence challenged by Chris, my friends and most of the people I surround myself with. I can take into account my clients and students.

Yoga practice can remind us of wholeness

 Occasionally people new to Yogashala meet Chris or me with hesitation. We remain open and welcoming to those who are looking for embodiment in the practice of yoga that we provide in a safe and comfortable space. Safety and embodiment are basic ingredients to allow ourselves to simply be and invite intuition, creativity and belief in healing into our lives and all that we are surrounded by. 

None of us is a separate entity and yoga, taught as a practice of wholeness, can remind us of that. You can find us at Yogashala and join our group classes, or request private classes, Monday – Saturday. We are looking forward to welcoming you!