Private Yoga classes

Yogashala den haag

In response to the Covid-19 situation and the changes arising from it, enhancing and embody RESILIENCE should be on the agenda of every human being. As we are all confronted with certain REGULATIONS  and SOCIAL DISTANCING is required, REFLECTION, CALM AND PEACEFULNESS are very much needed.

PRIVATE YOGA CLASSES can highly contribute to this.

I have the ability and years of experience to choose a TARGETED APPROACH based on ACTIVE LISTENING. As a result, each lesson meets your needs and is a “stepping stone” that, most of all, will MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER. I will transform your decision for private yoga classes into “ME-TIME” that you can value as “QUALITY TIME”. My on-the-spot choice for the class content will be based on a short reflection of how you are doing and what you are in need of. You can think of, for example:

  • a guided journey into RELAXATION
  • gain CLARITY about your state of being, thinking and feeling
  • build RESILIENCE for the challenges ahead of us
  • shift your MINDSET when feeling overwhelmed by feelings like uncertainty, chaos, confusion and anxiety
  • simply move, stretch, feel and enjoy your BODY
  • ventilate what’s on your HEART and mind to clarify, or recognize, what FREEDOM feels like.

You can CONTACT me using the Contact form, or call / WhatsApp to 06 237 387 51. Online sessions are optional. Our weekly schedule shows which (parts of the) days per week I dedicate to private yoga teachings.

I am looking forward to meeting and guiding you!
Best regards,

Priveles yoga

Private yoga class prices

The duration of a class can be costumized to your requests, capacities and requirements.

60 min class € 75,- (can be booked with 2 people: € 105,-)
90 min class € 105,- (can be booked with 2 people: € 130,-)
5 classes of 60 min € 360,- (can be booked with 2 people: € 500,-)
5 classes of 90 min € 500,- (can be booked with 2 people: € 625,-)

The 5 classes of a series have to be arranged within 6 months after the first class.
Cancellations will only be accepted when sent maximum 24 hours in advance.

Classes can take place at Yogashala, or in the convenience of your own home.
All classes taking place at another location than Yogashala (max. distance 7,5 km), will be charged
* Monday – Friday with an additional € 20,- per class
* Saturday & Sunday with an additional € 25,- per class.

About the teacher

Private yoga classes are mainly taught by Yogashala teacher Anke. Since 2005 Anke has built a wide experience in teaching yoga effectively. She is one of the few Senior Dynamic yoga teachers worldwide. Her passion for teaching yoga in private sessions reflects itself in her ability to choose the best teaching technique for the individual in that moment based on her experience and strong intuition.

Her passion for yoga, health and self-healing is apparent in her direct and non-conventional approach of every program that she starts with a client.

It is always possible to have an introductory meeting before requesting a (series of) session(s).

To arrange a meeting / private classes: you can reach Anke by phone on 06 237 387 51, or use the contact form at our website.

Anke regularly writes about her work. You can find bits and pieces of her writings at the Yogashala Facebook page and at the Yogashala Blog.