Of Loneliness And Caring

I teach yoga in a private setting to many clients. I care for all of them. 

Some  come on a weekly basis, others I see every second week. Some of them get in touch spontaneously if they would like to be in my presence. Oftentimes we engage in enlivening conversations around the ups and downs of life and possible guidance to overcome, grow and live more fully. 

I learned through my personal healing journey to listen to my physical, spiritual and emotional bodies needs. I  consistently practice directing my thoughts and behaviour most directly and effectively to fulfil those needs. People seem to recognise this in me as I regularly see new people who open up to me in an instant. I’m not surprised about it anymore and feel grateful for it!


It oftentimes happens that what I get to hear and see, doesn’t make my heart sing songs of happiness and joy. Last week I held space for three women who felt unhappy and stuck. All three of them were clearly in need of support. Living on their own, they experienced exhaustion and despair when being confronted with the challenges of everyday life, economic developments and their personal background not providing the necessary back-up for handling all this on their own.

(These are the moments when I feel how fortunate am with Chris at my side, steady as a rock and adjusting to changes in a good and exemplary way. At least that’s what it felt like to me for as long as I’ve been living with him. And have been learning from him!)


I shared with them some of my personal background and how I overcame the flaws I had developed. These flaws made feel small, insignificant, weak and sucked into a void for many years. I also shared with them some of what I have learned and been practicing even to the day of today and how and why my wounds started to heal. Not all of them, yet. I’m a work in progress. We all are.

All three of them left with an uplifted spirit and access to their vitalising resources.


I’m sure they are not the only ones who are in need of an active listener, a mindful response, a pro-active advise, or even a helping hand.


It will change you. It certainly has changed me.
I love to be there for others, within my boundaries and to the extent of me receiving and providing without exhausting myself. As tomorrow is going to be a new day…

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