Welcomed, invited to explore and challenged at Yogashala

Yoga @ Yogashala

This testimonial is a contribution by Gosia Wysocka who discovered the fruits of yoga at Yogashala. Since she moved to the UK, she has been looking for a similiar yoga experience. You can read her story below.

“Yogashala for me is THE place on earth for deepening my yoga practice. I walked in one day looking for a way to release my back problems. I walked out with a wealth of experience. My body has not been hurting ever since. Throughout years of sampling different styles of yoga, this was the place where discovered the practice of patience, self-compassion, and an open heart and mind.

I remember Chris saying: ‘Make sure that you don’t get stuck. If you do, simply change the position’. One day I took it literally and changed my life: I simply moved abroad.

Looking for a smiliar yoga class

Since then, I have frequented classes and discovered that what prevails is something I would call ‘pop yoga’. Instead of feeling relaxed, I felt more annoyed and anxious than before I had even started the class. Under the chants and beautiful clothes or décor, I was missing the substance. The classes resembled what we often do in everyday life: speed up through things with little attention, or understanding why we are doing what we are doing.

In this respect, Yogashala represents an unmatched ‘university level’ of yoga. Not only are the teachers professional and insightful, but also the people attracted to the place are those similar to myself, looking for more than showing off their new attire. I understand that there is only one place where I will find what I am looking for.

Yogashala is a place where you are invited to explore but you are not pushed, where you are welcome but not expected, where you are challenged but not ridiculed, where you learn your boundaries but do not compete. It’s the place where you discover yourself, little by little. And where you learn a new approach to your body and life in general. It’s the place that I will be coming to over and over again…for as long as it exists.  I’m very grateful to Chris & Anke.”