Looking through new eyes

The journey of true discovery lies not in finding new lands but in looking through new eyes. ~ Marcel Proust

I’ve been feeling newly inspired in my yoga teachings lately.
It is not that I discovered something new in yoga land. Instead, I received the silent invitation to look with new eyes at my class contents, teaching vocabulary and resources.

A great enjoyment and initiation of that change over the last few weeks have been classes with a former professional dancer who’s in her late 60s. She is deeply in love with her body in movement.

“I have after my carrier as an ex – professional dancer found a great journey to discover my physical, emotional and therefore spiritual awareness in private classes taught by Anke. It is a journey that takes courage. I have been learning something new in every session. Giving in, remaining open with no pressure or any judgement – I am on my way! Thank you 🙏 Anke” ~ Sabine Kupferberg


photo credit: Jiří Kylián

Over the last decade I developed the excellent skill of reading bodies very well.
When I teach her the techniques, movements, details and endless possibilities to play with in movement, I get the clear message when observing her body that it understands all I’m inviting it to do, integrate and express. It is the brain though that needs a bit more time for reprogramming the pathways in order to direct the muscles for the required actions and sometimes the coordination, too.

It looks like the body already knows where it will go and expresses the joy it will bring beforehand.
I teach her about the wisdom that’s in her body as far as my understanding of it goes. For many years that wisdom was applied in modern dance and theatre, now it’s changing its destination, leading her to arrive at a (hopefully delightful!) yoga experience each time all key cornerstones found their equilibrium.

Her body is learning new skills while using the same available tools. Those tools are slightly differently applied though. It has been an inspiring journey for both of us – me thoroughly teaching and guiding her while she, patiently and sensitively, has been devoting herself to the journey.

Teaching yoga fills my heart with joy and gratefulness.
In return, it is an inspiration to meticulously and well-considered serve my clients with an approach that respects their individual abilities, fulfils their needs and delivers the challenges required to ensure them of a pleasurable outcome and lasting result. I for my part can say that I’m very much interested in increasing their enjoyment of the body and the insight of taking care of it. We therefore need a deep intimacy with our physical bodies while, simultaneously, mind our spiritual body.

It is her spirit that brings her to the yoga mat. I’m pretty sure she’ll be on that journey for as long as the fruits she’s reaping nourish every aspect of her entire being!