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 Yogashala is a studio where people with diverse backgrounds can share their interest in yoga. Our classes are based on a down-to-earth approach with clear instructions, clarifying yoga as awareness training.

 Yoga is for everyone. We offer various forms of yoga whereby dynamic and meditative approaches complement each other equally. Yoga is an invitation to awareness and refinement in movement and stillness that will positively impact body and mind.   read more

If this appeals to you, we look forward to welcoming you to Yogashala!

Ten Hovestraat 8 (Statenkwartier)
2582 RL Den Haag

telefoon   06 237 387 51
email       info [at] yogashala [dot] nl
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Yogashala will be closed from 15 Dec 2014 - 04 Jan 2015. Classes will start again on Monday 05 Jan 2015.


Yoga classes

 All classes on offer at Yogashala are an invitation to investigate your very own being through yoga postures, breathing and meditation.

Yoga practice clears energy blockages in the body by increasing the flow of prana (energy), this improves the health of our organs as well as increasing our energy and promoting a general sense of wellbeing. The goal is to reach a state of relaxation of the breath and the body, which in turn invites the mind to quieten. The resulting effect is reduced physical and emotional stress through the release of tension from the body.

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Ik voel mij fit, soepeler en ben sterker geworden. Ik ben een oneindige uitdaging aangegaan!  Annemieke

A good friend took me to Yogashala. I love it. Unpretentious, diverse, caring and honest.  Kia



Upcoming workshops & courses


Yoga Introduction course


Workshops and courses 2015

 This course is open to everybody who's new to yoga (or Yogashala). We'll introduce you to the basics of dynamic yoga styles and the quietening postures of Yin yoga. We hereby apply an accessible and comprehensive learning method which provides the keys to yoga posture, pranayama and meditation practice.  more info
next courses
* January 2015
session 1  08/01 + session 2  15/01 + session 3  22/01; Time: 20:30 - 22:00

* February 2015
session 1  05/02 + session 2  12/02 + session 3  19/02; Time: 20:30 - 22:00
   Amongst other courses and workshops we offer a Yoga Introduction course on a monthly basis, and we will definitely continue this great opportunity for (Yogashala) beginners in 2015.

In March we welcome couples to enjoy yoga & massage in our partner yoga workshop, one of our high lights. 

End of March our teacher, friend and yoga guru Godfrey Devereux will be back at Yogashala to teach Dynamic yoga in a 3-day workshop. This has been an annual tradition since 2006 and it is an event that serious yoga practitioners who are curious about one of the worlds most authentic yoga teachers should not mis!