Yoga for back pain relief

Back pain is a widely spread phenomenon in our Western society.

It appears to be increasing in prevalence. At Yogashala, we have been effectively supporting clients suffering from back pain for many years, helping them in finding and applying a customised formula for pain relief and healing. Refinement of the ingredients of the formula and persistency in its application have been the key to success. 

The formula includes a yoga routine to alleviate and eliminate pain, evoke the body’s innate healing capacities and bring about an increase of awareness of how you use your back. Increased awareness will enable you to see and execute supportive changes in your lifestyle including ergonomics, movement patterns and response to your environment.

The customised approach

Back problems vary in their expression, no matter what caused the problems or what reason for the pain. A customised approach, in contrast to a “one size fits all”, provides you the tools to offer your body exactly what it needs.  

When working together, I will guide you through an examination to make an inventory of your situation with regards to your back. This will cover: 

  • range of motion
  • understanding of physical restrictions
  • understanding of functional restrictions
  • how to increase its mobility
  • how to increase its strength (optional)

I will also explore your daily/specific movement patterns, lifestyle preferences and how you interact with your environment.

Yoga for back pain relief at its best

Exploring by learning to feel and respond to what you feel…on repeat

Based on the inventory of your back and my understanding of your needs, I will select the most effective yoga postures for and together with you. The postures will focus on mobilisation and/or strengthening, and target your joints and muscle tissue.

The selection covers different postures:

  • forward-/ back-/ side bends
  • rotations & twists in variation
  • bending to target the glutes and thighs additionally
  • movements to target the shoulder region
  • movements that focus on the SI-joint

Postures can be practiced:

  • in a dyadic or four-part rhythm
  • in a more extensive, yet accessible sequence of postures in flow
  • in a more passive manner for 3-5 min, to fulfil their functional value

I will explain each posture and movement in detail for you to understand their functionality. With all that in mind, I will support you verbally and hands-on in your practical exploration on the yoga mat.



A journey into wholeness

The integration of the specific actions that yoga rests upon requires repetition, and will in due time result in embodiment. You will learn about and become gradually aware of an emerging interaction that can be felt as a doing vs. letting go, providing support vs. being supported. I will transmit to you the necessary knowledge and guide you in the process of learning to feel that wholeness is at your body’s core.

Examples of actions leading from interaction through integration to wholeness:

  • the application of arms, hands, legs and feet in yoga posture practice
  • becoming aware of the sacrum, lower-, mid- and upper spine
  • becoming aware of the neck as an extension of the spine
  • learning to feel the individual shape of the parts of your back and the neck
  • learning to feel the range of motion of the parts of your back and neck
  • exploring the mutual dynamics of the parts of the back, the neck and the limbs to establish structural support in movement and stillness

Practical information

During our sessions, you can take pictures and/or make videos for your self practice.
I advise a trajectory consisting of a minimum of 5 classes within 5-10 weeks.

In addition, and to enhance your yoga routine, you can benefit from Chris‘ expertise in therapeutic massage offering more than 35 years of practical experience. Treatments are effective in an acute pain situation as well as a preventive measure.

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