Prices & Context variety

Private yoga class prices

The duration of a class can be costumized to your requests, capacities and requirements.

60 min class € 89,- (can be booked with 2 people: € 125,-)
90 min class € 125,- (can be booked with 2 people: € 165,-)
10 classes of 60 min € 850,- (can be booked with 2 people: € 1195,-)
10 classes of 90 min € 1100,- (can be booked with 2 people: € 1545,-)

Please note that

Class appointment cancellations can only be accepted when sent at least 24 hours in advance.

Classes can take place in the convenience of your own home (max. distance 7,5 km from Ten Hovestraat) for an additional € 50,- per class.

Class context variety

The descriptions and links below refer to a variety of private classes context that I have been teaching in previous years. They are examples of recurrent themes that clients request. Based on years of teaching experiences I am respectfully and attentively taking into consideration your personal situation, preferences and abilities.

A detailed blog post dedicated to Burn-out and the yoga healing formula

When yoga is not the solution: my ‘hands-on’ approach

My approach to teaching yoga for healing and wholeness

Freeing the breath (a detailed blog post)

Being intimate with yourself to feel what will lead to (whatever it is you need/wish for/desire/etc.)

“Freeing the Breath”

There is no such thing as an incorrect breath. Your body knows how to breathe. This is an irrefutable matter of fact.

The rhythm and quality of the breath is an expression of what has happened, and is happening, in your life. The rhythm refers to the length of the in and out breath, the quality to it being soft or tense, hindered or free.

The way in which we live can bring an overload of stress and therefore lead to physical and mental tension that we often experience difficulties to get rid of. Tension affects our breathing rhythm and quality.

To free the breath by freeing the body from tension you will learn movement in synchronization with the breath. The movements follow the free flowing breath. This triggers the body to let go of tension, it gradually softens and the feeling of spaciousness emerges. All of this happening has a positive effect on the breath: it can reclaim its natural rhythm and depth.  READ MORE at our Blog

The power of yoga in recovering from Burn out

There is a thin line between being tired and being worn out.

The focus of sessions with everyone ‘diagnosed’ with a Burn out is mainly on relaxation, rest, nourishment and recovery. The context of the sessions is based on simple and accessible movements and postures, predominantly on the back in the first place. These are not only relaxing but also restorative and grounding.

A lot of emphasis will be given to the breath and the synchronization of breath and movement to calm body and mind. Upon request effective small individually designed series of movements and postures can be taught to you that you can practice on your own, i.e. in a difficult situation related to feeling burned out.

Each session will vary depending on how you feel at that very particular moment – energetic or tired etc. During the sessions you will be asked for feedback so that there is a close cooperation in aiming for a progressive recovery.

Physical complaints and healing from injuries

Movement with awareness, intention and knowledge promotes healing.

When we have a physical complaint or an injury we often spare the body part in question. The focus in the sessions is directed to the whole body, including the area in which the physical complaint is manifested, by integrating and simple postures and movements. When the body is being approached as a whole, e.g. body parts supporting each other, the power of self-healing can begin to take place.

By taking into account the complaint and the progression of healing, the teacher compiles a specific lesson. The feedback of the practitioner plays an important part in this. Combining postures and movements from different styles of yoga can be applied.

Examples of physical complaints that can be looked at in this session are amongst others; limited mobility in joints (i.e. shoulder, knee, wrist, hip), lower back and neck complaints.

Work and stress – a relaxed life with a challenging career

Achieving more productivity from relaxation

Many of us deal with a busy and challenging work life that brings about stress and stress-related complaints. By taking into account these issues and aiming for a gradual relaxation the context of each session will be carefully designed in accordance to the relevance of the client’s needs. Postures and movements are based on various yoga styles and are mainly aimed at (relearning) to relax and (preventatively) deal with stress.

An effective yoga practice can leave the practitioner feeling energetic and can be experienced as a moment of rest. The feeling of being tensed and stressed can be transformed into a feeling of wellbeing. The aim is to integrate relaxation into the clients daily working and private life.