Bandhas: The mystery unveiled


Yoga & Bandhas & Awareness training

This workshop is worth attending if you would like to know more about yoga and what it is that makes it different from other forms of movement and as awareness training. It is a unique opportunity, as no other workshops with this depth are offered in The Netherlands.

You will gain knowledge and insights from this w’shop that will add a new dimension to your yoga practice. It will contribute to the de-mystification of this so often misunderstood important yoga technique. It is the impact of the bandhas that gives yoga its deeper meaning. Our main goal is to highlight the subtlety of the bandhas.

What are the bandhas?

Have you ever heard of the bandhas? Or even learned how to integrate them into yoga practice? Or is this all new to you?

The bandhas are one of the 5 yoga techniques. They represent the fire element within the 5 elements in yoga, besides ether (drushti), air (pranayama), water (vinyasa) and earth (asana). Applying the bandhas is essential when practicing asanas and meditation techniques, just as essential as fire is to life.

There are three essential bandhas:

Mula bandha, Uddiyana bandha and Jalandhara bandha. In the workshop we will clarify this yoga technique, so that you understand which physical actions (i.e. lengthening, broadening, etc.) are an invitation to the bandhas. You will then feel the deeper impact that this will have on your yoga practice!

After the w’shop you will know why you feel the way you feel after practicing yoga, as yoga practiced without the bandhas would only be a form of stretching or gymnastics.

Workshop programme

We will introduce you to all bandhas that can be applied in yoga posture practice. In doing so we will actively explore and clarify, in theory and practice, a number of physical actions in yoga postures. These actions are the heart of the integrity in yoga and can unveil the mystery of the bandhas and Ujjayi breath.

Structured in 2 parts, we will explore what triggers the bandhas and how to integrate them into yoga postures:

Part 1

focuses on the three essential bandhas. At first you will learn to feel the bandhas based on the breath. To achieve this, we will teach you the appropriate pranayama (breathing) technique.

Each technique will reveal a physical experience of each bandha to you.

As a result, you will get a clearer idea of and feeling for the three essential bandhas and how to integrate them all at once as they are absolutely and inextricably linked with each other.

Part 2

is based on the experience of applying the bandhas from part 1. You will learn how to integrate the bandhas in yoga postures, with a specific focus on the bandhas in hands, arms, feet and legs. This requires the continous application of specific physical actions which we will teach in an efficient posture practice.

The practice will start small and will then evolve into an application of all bandhas in the whole of the body at once: Sarvangabandha. Eventually postures like Dogpose, Chaturanga, Trikonasana and Paschimottanasana will be your playground for implementing what you learned so far.

Costs & Registration

This special workshop costs € 120,-.

Are you interested in this highly interesting workshop? Please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending us an email to info[at]yogashala[dot]nl. We will plan a next workshop according to the number of interested yoga practitioners. Once a date is chosen, we will, according to your registration, kindly ask you to confirm your attendance with a pre-payment (you will receive the necessary information in response to your registration).

Definition of the bandhas

Regardless of how the different bandhas are described independently from each other, you can experience them as support for specific areas of the body, especially of the spine. Each bandha has its own function, and yet they are intrinsicly one.

The bandhas allow you to experience your body parts as a whole in yoga postures. In doing so they make ‘yoga’ = unity possible . After realizing duality, i.e. several body parts, non-duality can occur.

The impact of the bandhas

By applying all three bandhas in the trunk, Ujjayi breath is established subtly, softly and hardly audible for anyone except the person breathing it.

Furthermore, the impact of the bandhas is diverse. Their most obvious trait is the impact they have on the anatomy. In addition, we will also clarify their physiological, neurological, energetic and spiritual impact.

Most of the knowledge offered on this webpage and in the workshop is based on the pioneering work of Godfrey Devereux. For more info check out this link.