About the studio

Yogashala den haag

We, Chris and Anke, cherish the Shala as a place where authenticity rules. Therefore we are the only teachers and take full responsibility for each class. It is our duty to transmit yoga in an accessible way, tailored to our students and the challenges of our times. Yogashala is a comfortable space that emits safety and warmth. We offer our students many years of experience that reflects in a high standard of teaching. Yoga mats and all other gear that one needs for a complete and satisfying practice are available.

Chris accompanies his yoga teachings with working in his practice¬†“De Gouden Handen”. You can consult him for¬†therapeutic massage, acupuncture and yoga therapy. He started the practice in 1988 and has been supporting thousand of people in their healing process whereby he specialised in joint mobility and tendo-muscular complaints.

Anke accompanies her group class activities with all private classes that oftentimes are a fruitful combination of yoga practice and coaching. She amplifies the impact of the class content with her ability to read bodies, active listening and the application of a systemic approach to clients requests and intentions.

Chris: The classes I teach are meant to boost people’s lifes physically, emotionally and spiritually. I combine asanas (postures and movement), pranayama (breathing exercises, including mantras) and meditation (dynamic and in stillness). I wholeheartedly share my personal experiences of how to integrate yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle for vitality and longevity.

Chris Ramkema

Anke: My teachings are for people who take themselves seriously and perceive yoga in its perfection and as a way of living. I present yoga with the inextricably linked techniques of asana, pranayama and meditation as self-reflection and awareness training. And share my experience of raising awareness as a step-by-step process to cultivate harmony, satisfaction and happiness.

Anke Mein

Yogashala is located at Ten Hovestraat 8 in the beautiful area of Statenkwartier, The Hague. Location