Welkom at Yogashala: have a look inside!

Yogashala is a studio where people with diverse backgrounds can share their interest in yoga. We,  Chris and Anke, are passionate about yoga, a passion we share with all Yogashala students.  Our classes  are based on a down-to-earth approach with clear instructions, clarifying yoga as awareness training.

Yoga is for everyone. We offer various forms of yoga whereby dynamic and meditative approaches complement each other. Classes combine postures, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

Postures, in stillness or flow, are based on inquiry with an open mind. Within this process we pay attention  to the breath, natural alignment in postures and movement, softness combined with strength and flexibility and the exploration of our individual capacity and limitations.

Yoga can be an invitation to awareness and refinement in movement and stillness which can positively impact body and mind. If this appeals to you, we look forward to welcoming you to Yogashala!

“Yoga is a spiritual practice. It is a means of clarifying that which is, and expressing it directly, fully and harmoniously.”

– Godfrey Devereux; Hatha Yoga Breath by Breath