Yogashala den haag

Welkom at Yogashala!

Someone once said to us that at Yogashala ‘mature yoga classes’ are taught. We consider this a compliment because it expresses the intention with which we give yoga lessons. A great compliment, both for those who have experienced it this way, and also for us.

We, Chris and Anke, have been partners for many years of our lives, whereof business partners since 2006. We cherish Yogashala as a place where authenticity rules. Therefore we are the only teachers and take full responsibility for high-quality classes. Chris accompanies his yoga teachings with working in his practice for therapeutic massage, acupuncture and yoga therapy. Anke accompanies her teaching of group classes with teaching all private yoga teachings, coachings and teacher trainings whereby she combines the disciplines of yoga with her ability to ‘read bodies’, active listening and the application of a systemic approach to clients requests and complaints.

Chris: The classes I teach are meant to physically, emotionally and spiritually boost the lives of the people who come to our studio. In doing so, I use all techniques that were integrated in the original practice of Yoga. These are Asanas (physical postures and movements), Pranayama (breathing exercises, inclusive mantras) and Meditation (dynamic and in stillness). In addition, I provide information on how to integrate Yoga as part of a healthy and vital lifestyle.

Chris Ramkema

Anke: My teaching is based on the idea that it meets the expectations of those who take themselves seriously and want to become acquainted with yoga, in its perfection and as a way of living. I present yoga with the inextricably linked techniques of asana, pranayama and meditation as self-reflection and awareness training. And share my experience of raising our awareness as a step-by-step process, with softness and accompanied by strength, on the way to harmony, satisfaction and happiness.

Anke Mein

Yogashala is located at Ten Hovestraat 8 in the beautiful area of Statenkwartier, The Hague. Location

“Yoga is a spiritual practice. It is a means of clarifying that which is, and expressing it directly, fully and harmoniously.”

– Godfrey Devereux; Hatha Yoga Breath by Breath