Yogashala Den haag

Sabine Kupferberg

My name is Sabine Kupferberg. I was born in 1951 and I have spent practically my entire life dancing.

I was a member of the Netherlands Dance Theatre (NDT) for 31 years. Together with my partner of 50 years, Jiri Kylián, we have created many dance performances, installations and films.

Recently we spent some time filming on the remarkable island of Terschelling. It was an extremely demanding experience, both emotionally and physically, and afterwards it took me considerable time to come back to normal life. It was not easy and I struggled.

For me, it was yoga which helped me enormously to start to feel myself again. And it was my work with my yoga teacher Anke which helped me get back on my feet.

Meeting Anke in a yoga session one to one is a unique experience.

She has the ability to detect the elements in your body, your mind and soul which are missing , and tries to “restore” them.

In an exchange of “give and take“ we have enriched one another and learned how to get on with a life which was becoming more difficult every day. Yoga can teach you to separate yourself from the daily troubles and connect with eternity.

For me, practicing yoga with Anke remains a continuously enriching experience. Thank you, Anke.

Yogashala den haag

Edward Warrillow

Yogashala has taught me a yoga practice I will take with me wherever I go.

Chris and Anke carefully teach the basics to every student for a practice where details matter and minor adjustments can reveal the full experience of a pose. This passion and attention for their students is a signature of their group classes.

Anke’s Dynamic Yoga class is a supportive yet challenging environment where she helps her students to grow. Every class is delivered with a rhythm that provides a welcome foundation to build on, but each class is unique and brings new discoveries. Anke has a skill in offering her students clear instruction to improve their abilities within each posture, and also in giving individual attention without compromising the pace and flow of the wider class.

The studio is a welcoming and creative space,

and attendance at classes is simple and flexible enough to suit a non-routine lifestyle. Yogashala provides a complete environment to enjoy Yoga, both as a beginner and as you grow with years of experience.

I strongly recommend it to you if want to learn yoga from teachers who show great passion and care for their students’ practice. Through my time at Yogashala, I have discovered an enjoyment of Yoga that I previously believed to be out of reach.

Yogashala Den haag

Veronika S.

Anke is a truly exceptional yoga teacher.

She guides you just the way your body and fitness level requires. She allows you to discover the correct posture by yourself but comes in with small tweaks and corrections when necessary and those make a huge difference to your experience. Her voice is a calming and relaxing, yet clear and understandable guide to your lessons.

I have done both the group classes and individual classes with her and can totally recommend both. Even after my departure from The Hague, I decided to join the online lessons as it is so hard to find an adequate substitute! – September 2022

Sophie Creux

I follow other types of classes at my work, or practice on my own. But whenever I have doubts or feel the need to adjust I ask myself « How would Anke approach this ? How would she guide me into it? » So I can take with me all my experiences of your classes and apply them elsewhere.

I love the different sequences so much! It is a lot of fun and thrill to see the variations week after week. It gives new sensations even if based on known patterns.

I wish you a lot of joy and wholeness in teaching yoga and I (dare to) wish myself joy and wholeness in practicing yoga!

Yogashala Den haag

Aurélie Dalbiez

Yoga with Anke is a unique and holistic experience, nourishing for the body, mind and soul.

She has the extraordinary talent of knowing exactly what I need when I walk in for my private class and adapts her teaching.

Anke is simply one of a kind, I am so grateful to have met her, she has taught me so much in so little time. I am moving abroad and already know I will find no other yoga teacher like her. I will miss her so much.

One of the most impactful encounters in years!

Yogashala den haag

Giorgio Faedo

Even though it’s been a while since we last connected, your teachings and advice remain a guiding force in both my life and yoga practice.

I fondly recall driving miles through sun, rain, and snow in Holland just to attend your classes. Remarkably, your influence persists, and it feels like your guidance accompanies me during my yoga sessions today. I’m not exaggerating!

Yogashala Den haag

Hans Hutter

Privéles heeft me gegeven wat yoga wellicht al in de jaren 70 beloofde:

focussen op aspecten van je zijn die niets met je ratio te maken hebben, zodat je echt een uur lang “uit je hoofd” kan zijn. Heel goed voor mij, als iemand die een beroep “in het hoofd” heeft. Ook levert het een bijzondere ervaring op: je moet accepteren dat iemand je een uur lang observeert, elke beweging van je lichaam waarneemt, zonder dat je het gevoel hebt dat er iemand op je let. Anke kan dat als geen ander, ze geeft aanwijzingen om bewegingen te verbeteren zonder afkeuring te geven.