Kundalini yoga

Yogashala den haag

“Kundalini Yoga is uncoiling yourself to find your potential and your vitality and to reach for your virtues. There is nothing from outside. Try to understand that. All is in you. You are the storehouse of your totality.”  ~ Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga is a form of yoga that can bring a change of consciousness. Reason is the synthesis of powerful, dynamic movements and powerful breathing. The context of Kundalini yoga are numerous so-called Kriyas.

A Kriya is a posture or a composite series of postures with a specific purpose. There are e.g. Kriyas to promote metabolism, to reduce stress, and to improve the hormonal balance. All Kriyas aim to improve the overall vitality of the body, particularly the strengthening of the muscles in their functionality, endurance (cardiovascular), clear mind, strengthen the immune system, improving the ability to handle stress and the flexibility of the spine.

Creativity and mind

A flexible spine is essential to the vitality of humans because the spinal fluid is encouraged so that the effect of left and right half brain is balanced. The right half brain is related to the creativity of man, left to the ratio; the vitality of humans is based on a healthy balance of both.

Characteristic for Kundalini Yoga is that in practicing a posture in the Kriya the time limit that each posture is recommended (as the duration of a dynamic meditation) is respected and not exceeded. The reason is that the powerful combination of dynamic movement in postures, or the holding of postures, in synthesis with the powerful breathing has a large impact on body, mind and consciousness.