Dynamic yoga


Dynamic yoga

is an accessible and comprehensive learning method which encompasses the keys to yoga posture, pranayama and meditation practice.

This method, the Dynamic yoga training method, will enable you to practice yoga safely, effectively and progressively. You will be taught how to sensitise, awaken and open your body in the most direct, effective manner possible. This process is based on a clear and developed understanding of the fruitful relationship between movement and stillness, part and whole, body, mind and spirit.

Accessible posture practice

As classical yoga postures are sometimes difficult to approach for Western people, Dynamic Yoga offers a wide range of adapted postures. It is a precise, integrated and complete clarification of the simplicity and power of yoga. For that it is a marvellous stepping stone towards a a correct and fruitful yoga practice.
The method and combination of different yoga styles makes Dynamic yoga a challenge and enrichment for everybody who already is familiar with yoga.

Integrity in action

The Dynamic yoga method is based on integrity in action. This requires i.e. sensitivity, honesty and openness. Flexibility, stamina and endurance are beautiful ‘side effects’ that will occur after some time.

The proces of learning the practice of yoga postures according to this method involves the principles formation, transformation, action, motion, perception, cognition and consciousness. Once these principles are understood they can be applied at any yoga posture practice, no matter what style you prefer.

The power of the Dynamic yoga method derives from the combination of an internal as well as an external dynamic with all their elements to be applied. The elements are, among others, vinyasa, alignment, bandhas, breath and awareness.

Yoga Introduction session

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