Dynamic yoga

Yogashala den haag

Dynamic yoga classes are movement-based practices, a journey through and with the body. They are about becoming aware of the body and deepening the awareness of and in it.
The power of a dynamic yoga practice that rests on awareness, derives from the combination of an internal as well as an external dynamic: vinyasa, individual alignment, bandhas, breath and awareness.

A nurturing experience

Each practice can be a wonderful moment of your day as you will find yourself indulging in a pleasant and nurturing experience. You will be verbally guided through a carefully selected and accessible series of movements in repetition, occasionally complemented by postures in stillness.

Focus and stillness are emphasized in Dynamic yoga classes as they are great stepping stones (to learn) to connect with the breath by listening and move to its rhythm. Besides that, our bodies generate sensations that can be felt continuously i.e. in response to the breath, movement and being alive. Dynamic yoga encourages you to (learn to) accordingly and wisely respond to them.

Gentle, soft, deliberate

The quality of the movements determines the outcome of the practice: gentle, soft and deliberate movements in repetition are an attempt to softening the body and freeing it from tension. The repetition mentioned and a consistently applied methodical approach are the keys to mentally and physically becoming comfortable and relaxed, in movement and in stillness. In response to that, the breath will slow down. The pace of the movements can then slow down as well. Breathing will invite movement and movement will invite the breath. This invites a deepening of awareness, softness and comfort.

Breathing & meditation practices

Movement practices can be accompanied by suitable pranayama and meditation practices. All practices find expression through integrity in action; this requires i.e. sensitivity, honesty and openness. Flexibility, stamina and endurance are beautiful side effects that will occur after some time.

Yoga Introduction sessions

We offer introduction sessions on a regular basis, for more info click the button below. These sessions are only available in a private yoga setting for as long as the lockdown and social distancing requirements are an obligation.