Dynamic yoga

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Dynamic yoga

Anke  teaches all Dynamic yoga classes: “I was trained, back in 2004, under the umbrella of the Dynamic yoga training method. Teaching yoga consistently since then led me to present yoga permeated by that method while expressing authenticity and my repeatedly refined ability to combine language, pace, structure, flow and didactics. My intention is to inspire pure and personal experiences on the mat for all my students, in group classes and a private setting.

Yoga is self enquiry

Every class’ practice I offer is different and with an individual character. It thereby rests on the method with its cornerstones, i.e. physical actions applied to body parts, the repetition of accessible movements to the rhythm of a free flowing breath and the ever present lenses of awareness and sensitivity.

Each practice is framed by self enquiry, it holds the cornerstones of the method, the breath-synchronised movement and the postures in stillness together. I invite my students to learn about and apply qualities like softness and stability. Both require abilities like feeling by recognising sensations and responding to them in order to adjust for more comfort and stability to be able to soften into the postures and movements.

Experience intertwined with intuition

Over the years I got the understanding of how to tap into the ‘knowing field’ while applying practical and structural steps to provide the requirements of a fruitful practice outcome. In other words; I don’t prepare for my classes. My intuition and years of teaching experiences are my guiding lights over and over again. And it works so well! The class content comes to me from the moment I start teaching and therefore is unique and an expression of that very moment in time and with the student(s) present.

My classes are not only focussing on flexibility, or strength, or agility. Instead you can go beneath that superficiality to find more, if not a lot more, that will bring about nourishment, calm and letting go and surrender instead. Spending quality time on the yoga mat and accept my guidance will be purely about and for you. That’s what I’ve been taking away from each yoga practice: a practice that leads to loving ourselves as we are, invite quietness to our mind and the recognition that everything and everybody and everyone is absolutely okay as it is.

From knowledge to knowingness

I know why I teach what I teach. I grew in what I’ve been doing for so many years with the whole of me. This makes for a relaxed atmosphere prevailing in my classes. I verbalise the class context with the intention to invite new students to learn how to quickly let go of any striving for superficial perfection. As we promise everyone entering Yogashala, our teachings are about “have a look inside”. I’m more than happy to hold that space for my students! And I hold it with my deepest love and compassion for them and their inside-out unfolding.”

(Dynamic) Yoga Introduction sessions

We offer introduction sessions in a private setting. For detailed information please visit the appropriate webpage via the button below.