Being spiritual

‘Yoga makes you more spiritual’.

As I’ve been active in the field of yoga for many years, I’ve heard the most different reasons why people want to practice yoga. ‘Becoming more flexible’ and ‘learning to relax’ are definitely high on the list. But there’s another one: yoga makes you more spiritual.

i.e. “I was a businesswoman for many years and now want to develop my spiritual side. Therefore I want to learn more about how to do yoga right. ”
“Ik wil beginnen met yoga en ben vooral geïnteresseerd in bewustwording/ spiritualiteit.”

What being spiritual means to me

I never respond to that kind of statement.
To me being spiritual means to follow your spirit. Listen to your inner voice and follow that voice. Do what you love, and do it with all your being, devoting yourself to it. (Whilst accepting that you do not always get it right straight away. Life is a paradox. Nobody and no thing is ever perfect or eternal.) Share what you experience as ‘living your spirit’ with other people. Be proud of the outcome, and embrace the money you make with it.

Yoga posture practice and meditation can teach us about listening to our inner voice. If we are willing to practice yoga by agreeing to listen to the body (instead of the mind) as it speaks to us continuously, based on the sensations that moving our bodies generates. An honest response will reward us with nourishment and fulfilment in body, mind and soul. A reward that goes far deeper than the ‘feeling good’ from physical work-out only.

Below you’ll find a story that I discovered listening to a presentation of Dr. Demartini, an inspirational speaker and teacher. I think there’s no better way to say what ‘Being spiritual’ means. Enjoy reading it, or click the youtube link to listen to it!  (don’t mind the title of the video)

‘Every individual is spiritual.

I had a woman come to me, she said to me: “Dr. Demartini, my husband is not spiritual, he is material, I’m spiritual. “

I said: “Oh really?“ She said: “Yes, I’m into spiritual things.“

And I said: “Why are you spiritual?“ She said: “Because I do yoga, and I meditate, and I chant, and I contemplate my navel, and I read spiritual books.“

And I said: “And why do you call him material?“ “Because all he does is work, and make money, and he’s a materialistic!“

I said: “So he is like a disowned part of you. Do you work at all?“ She says: “No.“ “So he is basically working to take care or you?“ “Yes.“

“What is his business?“ “He has a tech firm.“ “How many employees?“ “200.“ “How many people does he serve?“ “ Millions.“ ‘

I said: “Let me get this straight: your husband works every day, manages 200 people, provides them jobs, helps them raise families, helps them go to school, helps them inspire them, gives them new opportunities, serves millions of people, makes income, provides you with money so you can contemplate your navel and sit by yourself and chant and you are more spiritual than this man?“

Everybody is spiritual according to their values. Be aware of boxing in spirituality according to your own values or belief systems, or institutions, or dogmas because: where is God not? Where is spirit not? It is universal.