Yogashala á la 2016

We opened Yogashala 11 years ago

…and our love for teaching yoga and the compassion we bring to it is more steady than ever.

When we started the adventure of our yoga studio we had no idea what the outcome would be. We meanwhile have experienced that when you offer a service like teaching yoga from the heart, no business plan can assure you of an ever growing, not to mention a booming business. Like the tides, people have joined and left our studio continuously. Some of them have been with us for many years. We are tremendously grateful for the strong core of people and their continuous support and loyalty.

We never had the intention of becoming a big yoga studio.

Of employing people to teach classes instead of us teaching. Of joining the hype of yoga that started in The Netherlands approximately 8 years ago. Of teaching what is being taught in nearly every (big) studio these days. Of ‘selling’ yoga as sports or a training method with more competition.

Yogashala á la 2016

is a studio that people obviously talk about when they praise high-quality yoga classes. When they endorse a small studio with a personal touch, conducted by highly experienced and qualified teachers. When they are in need of yoga to heal wounds and injuries, to recover from work-induced burn out or emotional overload *. When they appreciate a personal approach when it comes to yoga postures. When they need to learn about their physical abilities and limitations. When they are looking for effective support in their yoga practice, spot-on and tailored to their needs.

At Yogashala, we share our understanding of yoga on the mat and its transition into a happy and healthy life(style). Our intention is to provide a comfortable and safe environment where people can practice and simply be without any dogma, guru or ambition. We see people joining our classes who are mainly looking for an authentic place that they like to share with authentic people.

With love from the heart, gratefulness and curiosity about the next year to come! 
Chris & Anke

* We offer them a private yoga class approach that is based on passion for (self)healing and a very strong intuition.