A fascinating, quiet world to explore

This blog post is a contribution by Marieke Vos. She has been attending classes at Yogashala for more than 5 years now and yoga obviously has become a part of her life. She shares this enthusiastically with her partner and they regularly enjoy partner yoga in a private class. Dear Marieke, we very much appreciate your trust, multi-faceted support and this writing that we love to share on our blog! 

Yoga feeling

Five years ago I asked some experienced yoga friends if they could recommend a yogastudio. They all told me the same: yoga is very personal, you have to experience it yourself to know which teacher suits you best. I visited different yoga teachers and studios. It instantly became clear which studio I liked and did not like. In one yoga class I found the atmosphere too vague, another was too crowded and one teacher came half an hour late. One yogastudio felt good from the start and that was Yogashala.


I liked Anke’s lessons of Dynamic yoga immediately. It was what I was looking for: a precise, technical kind of yoga in a good and for me challenging enough flow. With the right combination of meditation and pranayama. Anke teaches with knowledge, intuition and respect for what every body needs and is capable of. She guided me well from the start. Also in the group lessons I find her attentive to the individual needs of the students.


The yoga lessons made me stronger and more flexible. After some time I noticed another sensation: I started to feel my body better. Slowly I began to understand what Anke means when she says ‘invite your body to soften’ and ‘make space in your body’. To me every lesson is now a journey inside with my breathing determining the pace. Inside I find softness and strength. It is a fascinating, quiet world to explore. My always busy mind finds this very interesting. Happily it is totally occupied by this journey, too. During the lessons my mind and body are one.


My mind is creative and flexible, but – alas – my body is not. After five years of yoga my forward bends are still very subtle. Therefore I am happy with Anke when she says: “Remember: yoga is not what it looks like, but what it feels like.” Well, it feels grand!