What are you after?

I recently listened to a

J. Brown Talks podcast episode wherein he interviews the teacher I’ve been studying with most often since I found yoga to be deeply meeting my needs and wants. Godfrey his teachings have changed over the years and even though sometimes things that he introduced his students to seemed a bit weird or controversial, in the end it always made sense to me where I found myself at in that time of my life, in my yoga practice and teachings

It has helped me to better understand life unfolding, my relationship to people, my self-healing journey and journey on the path of empathy as a woman, wife, daughter, friend and teacher. 

Coming back to the podcast episode mentioned above;

it is then said by Godfrey that yoga is not about the pursuit of flexibility, strength or alignment. Being really honest when looking back at my first years of practicing and teaching – it was for me! And one can find videos on YouTube wherein Godfrey seems to claim the opposite. In the interview he then openly admits that he also is responsible (like a lot of other teachers out there are) for the misconception of what Yoga is about. And that misconception still exists in a lot of teachers and yoga practitioners minds and expresses in their teachings and practice. 

I’m sharing my thoughts with you

because I’ve been anew asking myself that particular question ever since: What am I after when I practice yoga? And I’ve been asking it as an open question so that I can become aware of my (mis?)conceptions and at the same time start to appreciate what it really is that I’m after on a completely different level then I’ve been believing to be possible. And most of all: what it is that I’m after without repeating pre-conveived ideas I’ve heard or read that were somebody else’s ideas? 

The picture of me practicing Ardha Chandrasana

was taken in 2014. The intention I practice postures with has changed dramatically. In that time I practiced it for the beautiful look of it, the flexibility, the strength and the accomplishment that I felt when I found myself in stillness on one leg and in a backbend simultaniously. These days I find my body taking me into this pose and a deeply satisfying feeling takes hold of me – just because it feels good and my body (and mind!) feel so much more ready to be in a pose like that. 

Find the teacher within.

I can hear the echo of these words each time Godfrey encouraged us to walk our own path.  It feels deeply satisfying to me that the teacher has been changing appearances over the years. I hope it will continue doing so for as long as I can think of!

WHAT ARE YOU AFTER WHEN YOU STEP ON THE YOGA MAT TO PRACTICE? Please don’t hold back and talk to me in the Yogashala, or send an email to info@yogashala.nl. I’d really appreciate the exchange!