Yoga classes

Yogashala den haag

All classes on offer at Yogashala are an invitation to investigate your very own being through yoga postures, breathing and meditation.

When yoga is taught with the understanding of its effectiveness and well received by the practitioner, it releases tension from the body. When breath and body start to relax gradually, the mind will become more quiet.

Please feel welcome to attend a trial class.

Dynamic yoga


Dynamic yoga is distinct from “yoga for the masses”. Characteristic is a sublime didactics in the form of movement in preparation for postures in stillness. A powerful synthesis of effort vs. relaxation, a free breath and  softness through sensitivity. A yoga practice to raise awareness in grace and with beauty.

Yin Yoga


Yin yoga provides the perfect contrast to the hustle and bustle of modern life. A great advantage of Yin yoga is that it brings deep stillness to body and mind. The practice has a passive but intense quality and addresses the joints in the pelvic area (i.e. hips) and the spine, in particular the lower spine and sacrum.

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a synthesis of powerful, dynamic movements and powerful breathing that can bring a change of consciousness as an instant result. The class context are numerous so-called Kriyas, a posture or a composite series of exercises with a specific purpose, i.e. “Elimination exercises” and “Flexibility and the spine”.

Sunday Treats


Sunday Treats are special days in a festive atmosphere. We practice accessible yoga and purposeful meditations to get in touch with our heart and the energy in and around us. We dedicate part of the day to connecting with each other and sharing in the form of stories, quotes and videos. A day in love and acceptance.

Private yoga classes


Private yoga classes are for anyone interested in a personal approach towards an effective and beneficial practice. Each class is unique, tailored to your individual needs and leading to overal relaxation, flexibility and strength. You will be supported based on my ability to read bodies, profound knowledge and strong intuition.