Of Attitude, Intention and Alignment

Chris has been my guardian angel, best friend, lover, unconditional supporter and spiritual source throughout all the ups and downs that I personally and the two of us together lived through for nearly 3 decades. He opened the door to the fascinating world of yoga for me. I didn’t enter instantly.

On my journey of living my calling to teach, yoga came to me. And we turned out to be a magical match!

The magical match announced itself with a lot of marriage turmoil and eventually appeared as an energy, a force and positive power that changed my perception of Chris, myself and the future of our marriage. The only thing I knew by then, and I felt it in my bones, was to learn that tool, yoga, as it would enable me to empower myself physically, emotionally and mentally. 

‘Cause that’s what Chris had done in just 3 weeks time at a retreat. 20 years of yoga exploration and practice had prepared and enabled him to empower himself after our above mentioned turmoil. Imagine my surprise and curiosity when I saw him after that retreat, appearing like a different person to me! 

He’s endured ups and downs in his life while sharpening, strengthening and enrich his practice of yoga to guide him repeatedly and consistently out of the darkness and into the light, from experiencing stagnation to getting back into a nourishing flow and return to balance, lightness and a soothing simplicity. 

I learned my first yoga steps from Chris.

I then went off to venture into the wildly growing yoga scene. 

The growth accelerated relentlessly into a broad market and has been evolving into an industry. 

We often discussed while witnessing it. We witnessed teachers coming, conquering their status in the industry and leaving. We witnessed it quite similarly happening in the Yogashala with clients; people who came, left an impression to some extent, and left. 

We’ve also seen the people in the ever-growing wellness industry who came with a mission, stayed true to themselves by living their mission and persevered. So did we! Chris’ and I have been merging every single day, week and month anew. We’ve been doing so since 2006 and have been filling the Yogashala with honest and pure yoga teachings, creating a safe environment for everyone who wants to be in our space and conveying a loving and trustworthy message.

Where we are today

Both of us personally experienced that, if your attitude and intention are not aligned with your body’s capacity and what your mind could capture, yoga could be anything BUT good for you. 

It took us time, practice and thousands of hours of debating, discussing, exploring and teaching yoga to a huge variety of people to understand this concept and translate it into every class and therefore for every client.

We are proud of our awake and aware community at Yogashala.

It is the high quality of our classes that has been attracting our long-term students. It is the trust they bring to every class: they trust us and the outcome of every group- and private class. You can count on us, as we’ll continue to blow life and enthusiasm into Yogashala to make us all receive, fine-tune, integrate and live yoga!

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