Yoga with Anke

Yogashala den haag

What you see is what you get

It is January 2023, the start of my 20th year as a yoga teacher. I’ve known for some time that trying to label my yoga as a specific style or form has only ever limited me as a teacher. So I have made the decision to simply call it “Yoga with Anke“.  

The Success Story

Trust is the key to a successful yoga class that brings meaning for students. My classes are about surrender, accepting yourself in the present for how you are, and having the courage to truly feel. They are a place to let go of the ways that no longer serve you, and especially what other people expect from you. They are about turning your attention within yourself instead of being occupied by your external surroundings. To bring all these elements together at once in a class asks for a place and a feeling of safety. To feel safe requires trust.

Yoga for awareness and change

In my lessons, I bring awareness continually back into focus. Awareness is a process that takes time: time to learn, time to deepen, and time to become part of your approach to life. Change is only made possible when we develop our awareness.

I consciously choose to focus on awareness because I so often see, both within myself and with others, that all the inevitable routines of daily life can rob us of awareness and numb us to our feelings. Both individually and collectively, many of us live disconnected from our feelings. In our tightly populated communities and with our Western culture, this can quickly lead to stress, physical and mental exhaustion and eventually all types of discomfort in our bodies and in our lives. Stress in all its forms moves us away from awareness.

Simplify to amplify

Simplicity is one of my guiding principles that I combine with integrity, softness, and curiosity to amplify the meaning of a yoga practice.

My yoga practice rests on teaching simplicity in form, including:

  • accessible poses and variations
  • clear and targeted instructions with a step-by-step approach
  • carefully planned lessons, considering the time of the day (morning / evening), the needs of the participants, and other important details.

If you would like to strengthen what yoga can do for you, then repetition is the key that will lead to deepening and embodiment. That is the foundation of a yoga practice that brings you rest, relaxation, and pleasure.

Yoga Introduction sessions

We offer an introduction to a fruitful yoga practice in a private setting only. For detailed information please visit the appropriate webpage via the button below.

Trial class

You are most welcome to join a class for trial. Joining with an open mind and no particular expectations will give you an honest and authentic experience and impression.