YinYang in Synergy


‘YinYang in Synergy’ classes are a challenging, yet beautiful combination of dynamic and stillness. The main feature of each class is the synergy of yin and yang while practicing yoga postures, either in a dynamic or static way. The dynamic part of the classes can be based on Dynamic yoga, Kundalini yoga or the ‘Yang series’ which cover elements of martial arts and yoga. The focus is mainly on strengthening muscles and improving stamina.

A practice that is static and meditative by nature – yin – is based on quietening, though intense Yin yoga  postures. The mobilisation and strengthening of the joints, most of all the connective tissues that holds our joints together, plays a main role in this practice.

‘Yin Yang in Synergy’ classes are an invitation to quieten the mind through effort and relaxation. Each class can bring you new insights as the synergy of yin and yang is infinite.