Prices teacher (re)training courses


Prices Exclusive teacher training & Exclusively for yoga teachers

As in the traditional way that yoga originally was taught, in contrast to the mass industry that yoga has become, I decided to only offer a training on a one-on-one basis.

  • You can start the (re)training at any time.
  • You can make a well-founded decision what class frequency suits you best. If you wish, I can advise you in that matter.
  • When appropriate and depending on the content we are working on, Skype classes are an option.
  • Classes can be scheduled at the times that are marked in our weekly schedule as ‘Private classes’. As an exception I am available on Fridays as well.

price per class

Discounted price for 10 classes:

Discounted price for 5 classes:

60 min: € 89,-

60 min: € 850,-

60 min: € 437,50

90 min: € 129,-

90 min: € 1250,-

90 min: € 637,50

You can contact us by phone – 06 23738751, or by using the contact form.