Exclusively for yoga teachers

Yogashala den haag

Enhance the quality of your yoga teaching by deepening your insights and enriching your skills

We open-heartedly provide space for yoga teachers to learn from us and exchange ideas about yoga in its broadest sense and skillful teaching. Together we have taught yoga for nearly 50 years. We happily share our combined experience and profound knowledge with everyone interested. The starting point is your current effective knowledge and skills. The intention is to make you feel inspired to deepen your insight and enrich your skills to improve the quality of your future yoga classes.

The following content can be of high interest for yoga teachers:

Vinyasa & Vinyasa Krama

  • improve/ refine your Vinyasa Krama of a series of asanas
  • improve/ refine your Vinyasa Krama of asanas
  • stirham – sukham (also in relation to gravity)
  • sequencing from a-symmetry to symmetry and vice versa
  • customise the class context to cover specific themes
  • balancing yin & yang to achieve a balanced practice outcome
  • preparing and applying prayatna saithilya¬†(minimum muscular effort)
  • in detail: Mulabandha, Uddiyanabandha, Jalandarabandha
  • in detail: Hastabandha, Padabandha
  • teaching yoga based on wholeness: the application of all bandhas (Sarvangabandha)
  • application of the spiralic dynamic in asanas
  • being mindful about the biomechanics of the human body
  • protecting the joints in asanas
  • clarifying individual alignment (vs. Iyengar-based alignment)
  • supporting individual students hands-on

Consider the following subjects:

Correct and effective instructions

  • the (sometimes immediate) significance of verbal support
  • refining instructions to deliver/ achieve correct asanas
  • the clear distinction between action and impact
  • being mindful about yin & yang elements when instructing Vinyasa Krama of asanas
  • refining instructions to deliver a more meaningful teaching result
  • integrating instructions that refer to counterforce within asanas

One-to-one teaching

  • efficient individual teaching: choosing content that suits the client’s request
  • taking your specific knowledge of anatomy for yoga teachers to a next level
  • building self-confidence to efficiently teach one-to-one
  • the importance of empathy

Various themes (that are significant for yoga teachers!)

  • offering support to free an unnatural/ restricted breathing pattern
  • the importance of a soft core (N.B.: ‘core’ in yoga is not the same as ‘core’ in the fitness industry)
  • being mindful about yin & yang / action vs. release / support vs. being supported

Only a yoga practice that brings about unity, which is a personal experience and therefore difficult to compare to somebody else’s experience, in combination with regular teaching and learning from the best teachers will enable you to teach your students without doubts but based on a deep support coming from life itself.

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