Exclusive teacher training

Yogashala den haag

I, Anke, strongly believe in my knowledge and expertise as a yoga teacher. Teaching has always felt like something I needed to do. It also felt like a gift for as long as I’ve been doing it. As soon as teaching turned into really teaching yoga, it made all the difference to me. I then started to understand the synergy of the process of teaching, learning and teaching.

After all these years of teaching my drive has resulted in high-quality lessons. My intention to treat all students equally and trust their bodies to follow the path to expression, integration and healing characterises my classes. These insights led me to realise that I want to pass on what I have to offer.

As in the traditional way that yoga originally was taught, in contrast to the mass industry that yoga has become, I decided to only offer a training on a one-to-one basis. I train students to become yoga teachers or help yoga teachers to deepen their insight and enhance their skills. Integrity and self-enquiry are the main elements in this process. I am a thoughtful observer and use feedback as a key for a following step in the student’s learning and growing process. I combine this with a focus on the conscious use of the student’s strengths, qualities and dedication.

Organic and unique

Are you aware that for you a “one-size-fits-all” yoga teacher training doesn’t meet your expectations for high quality? Are you dreaming of becoming a yoga teacher and want to realise that dream with creativity and optimum support from a professional trainer? Then my approach might be suitable for you! Please continue reading to understand what I offer and the approach I choose. My goal is to guide you to accomplish a unique result that will develop organically.

My approach

I choose to work with inspired students and only on a one-to-one basis. A nurturing dialogue, mutual respect and consideration of your strengths and weaknesses are pillars of the training. The dialogue will be a combination of my observations, the current specific focus and the transferral of my knowledge. This will continuously and repeatedly be the stepping stone for re-defining your development process as a yoga teacher. It will enable you to learn from the inside out and apply your personal pace without the burden of curricula or examination requirements.

  • You can start the training at any time.
  • You can make a can make a well-founded decision what class frequency suits you best. If you wish, I can advise you in that matter.
  • When appropriate and depending on the content we are working on, Skype classes are an option.
  • Classes can be scheduled to our mutual convenience. I am available at the times that are marked in our weekly schedule as ‘Private classes’. As an exception I am available on Fridays as well.

Practicing & teaching yoga

The basics

We start with checking your level of experience in relation to

  • yoga practice (and if applicable your teaching experience)
  • principles of teaching.

This will cover the class content, structure of content per class, didactics with effective instructions regarding foundation, class focus, choosing a suitable approach to teach beginners vs. more advanced students and non-verbal support.


We will repeatedly cover the following subjects during the classes. Their relevance depends on your experience, progress and what your current focus is.

  • the practice of yoga with its elements asana, pranayama and meditation
  • the application of a method based on integrity and wholeness
  • independent yoga practice for self-development and as a foundation for teaching yoga
  • the integration of yoga philosophy as a substantiation of the yoga method and principles.

I will integrate the subjects mentioned on our  webpage “Exclusively for yoga teachers”  to a greater or lesser extent. This will provide you with an in-depth foundation, enabling you to teach yoga with integrity.

Philosophy & anatomy for yoga teachers

Theory and Self-study

In addition, and independently, you will study the following:

  • books that will give your insight in yoga philosophy
  • books about yoga and subjects that are related to yoga and that you are interested in
  • the theory about the bandhas (e-book, I will supply the link to the internet source)
  • basic knowledge of anatomy for yoga teachers (online resources, books, DVDs).

From theory to practice: starting as a yoga teacher

I will teach you to bring the theoretical knowledge you acquired into practice and teaching:

  • the integration of yoga philosophy and the process of raising awareness in daily life
  • the integration of the bandhas (as a foundation for teaching yoga holistically)
  • the application of your anatomical knowledge in your classes when guiding students
  • the uniqueness of every human body and how to adapt accordingly
  • variations of yoga postures in response to individual physical abilities and restrictions
  • the possibility of implementing yoga props and tools to assure the ‘yoga’ quality of every posture you teach

Your growth process towards becoming a yoga teacher

Start teaching

The knowledge you gain by yoga self-practice and during our classes will enable you to start teaching yoga shortly after the start of the training.
You can teach friends, family and acquaintances. Besides that, you are welcome to observe Chris and me  teaching classes at Yogashala.

Teaching under supervision

Once we conclude that you are more comfortable in conquering the challenge of teaching and you feel ready for a next challenge, we offer the possibility to teach at Yogashala under supervision.

You will ultimately learn the most by teaching. This will also define how fast you’ll develop the skills to master the challenge. As we all know, practice and repetition are the keys to success.

About me

My experience in my profession as yoga teacher is based on thousands of group and private yoga classes that I’ve been teaching since 2005. This is all backed up by thorough teacher training and consistent self-inquiry. Living with Chris, who is my partner and teaches at Yogashala as well, enables me to exchange ideas about yoga on a daily basis. I regularly write about yoga and my experiences as a yoga teacher for our website blog  as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Teaching high-quality yoga classes has always been a primary driver for me. I teach yoga in a way that empowers students to understand the essence of yoga practice and integrate this understanding into their daily activities.

My classes offer handles for personal development based on a simplistic, but in-depth approach to yoga. It is important to me that every student in the class comes into contact with the unique composition and potential of the human body and its self-regulating and healing ability.

You can contact me by phone – 06 23738751, or by using the contact form.

yogadocent beoefent yoga

Any yoga practice that brings about balance (wholeness) is a unique experience and can therefore not be compared with somebody else’s experience. To experience this and teach it will empower you to support your students with conviction and confidence. You should combine this by continuing to learn from the best yoga teachers.