Yin yoga with live harp music


to be planned (on a Sunday in Spring 2018; 10:00 – 13:00)

In the house of love, the floor dances, the walls are made of song, and the music never stops. ~ Rumi

This special at Yogashala has been annually taking place since 2012.  Our Yin yoga practice will be accompanied by enchanting live harp music, presented by Marjatta Fehres. The sound of the music will add to our yoga practice as it helps us to increase focus and relaxation in the postures. It invites a deeper meditative impact and enriches awareness in the postures.

The intensive will be a challenge for everyone who is passionate about yoga. It offers the possibility to get into more intimate contact with your body and explore it’s physical possibilities and limitations. The practice will cover a series of postures that will mainly focus on ‘opening’ and strengthening the back, in particular the lower back. Practicing Yin yoga on a regular basis stimulates the body to grow stronger and more vital in the affected areas. The impulse here is based on the positive stresses that the postures cause to the body. The goal is a decrease of the problem, or even produce a preventive effect.

Yin yoga offers the possibility to relax in patience and stillness. Besides that it is a great ‘stepping stone’ if you wish to build up a meditation practice in (physical) stillness. We’ll finish the intensive with a long meditation. Prepare for an intense but quiet yoga practice that will transform your awareness of the outer world into an awareness of your inner world!

€ 60,- / € 55,- for everybody already practicing at Yogashala