Yogashala is a yogastudio in The Hague. Yoga is for everyone. We offer various forms of yoga whereby dynamic and meditative approaches complement each other equally. Please feel welcome to attend a class for trial, or join our next Introduction course.

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The dynamic of the bandhas is the key to the deeper effectiveness of yoga postures, they transform shape making into yoga. We’ll teach you how to apply the bandhas with integrity into your yoga posture practice. You’ll learn, step by step, how to access Mula, Uddiyana, Jalandhara, Hasta and Padabandha. Please note that this workshop is taught in Dutch.



Welcome at Yogashala!

Yogashala is a studio where people with diverse backgrounds can share their interest in yoga. Our classes are based on a down-to-earth approach with clear instructions, clarifying yoga as awareness training. Yoga is for everyone. We offer various forms of yoga whereby dynamic and meditative approaches complement each other equally. Yoga is an invitation to awareness and refinement in movement and stillness that will positively impact body and mind.

If this appeals to you, we look forward to welcoming you to Yogashala!

Dynamic yoga yoga3

Typical of Dynamic yoga and Kundalini yoga classes is continuous attention to physical effort, coordination and breathing.

Yin yoga iconyinyoga

Yin yoga classes are quite easy to follow, as the postures don’t require a lot of instructions. This style of yoga is certainly appropriate for beginners.

Kundalini yoga yinyanh

The context of Kundalini yoga are numerous so-called Kriyas which are a synthesis of powerful, dynamic movements and powerful breathing.

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yoga-voor-berginners Introduction course

This course is open to everybody who’s new to yoga. We’ll introduce you to the basics, principles and techniques of dynamic yoga styles and the quietening postures of Yin yoga. We will support you in the exploration with a posture sequence that will suit everybody’s capacity and is perfect to gradually implement the mentioned basics, principles and techniques.

Within the explorations we will pay attention to breath and coordination in movement. As we apply a step-by-step approach and repetition, our intention is to comfort all attendees. We hereby apply an accessible and comprehensive learning method which provides the keys to an efficient yoga posture, pranayama (breathing) and meditation practice.

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Weekly classes & Introduction course

All classes on offer at Yogashala are an invitation to investigate your very own being through yoga postures, breathing and meditation.

Yoga practice clears energy blockages in the body by increasing the flow of prana (energy), this improves the health of our organs as well as increasing our energy and promoting a general sense of wellbeing. The goal is to reach a state of relaxation of the breath and the body, which in turn invites the mind to quiet. The resulting effect is reduced physical and emotional stress through the release of tension from the body. View our weekly schedule

Yogashala Special: ‘Exploring the bandhas’

Does your posture practice involve the bandhas? What does it feel like? Did you learn to pull your navel in to ‘do’ Uddiyanabandha? Or suck your anus up to ‘do’ Mulabandha? In this special workshop we’ll teach you the subtleties of the bandhas, based on that both ideas mentioned before are slightly off reality. We’ll explore the application of all bandhas in the body and how to invite them in all suitable postures. Sunday 13 November, from 11:15 on


Trial class

Would you like to encounter yoga in a comfortable and safe space? Subscribe for a trial class! You can also phone to 06 237 387 51 to reserve your spot.


Yoga one-on-one

Yoga taught privately is for anyone interested in a personal approach towards an effective and beneficial yoga practice. Each private class is unique, tailored to your individual needs. If you i.e. are suffering from back problems, we can design an individual program for you to stimulate healing.




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