Yoga is a physical practice for anyone. At Yogashala you can explore various and intelligent yoga practices in their full depths and joy. Highly experienced teachers will offer their guidance. Make a choice that suits your needs: group & private classes are available to you.

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We will practice accessible and gentle postures and movements, targeting the neck, back and shoulder area. Learn from this class so that you can practice by yourself when you feel tensed and stiff from daily life activities!

This Special, open for everyone, is all about doing and letting go. We'll thereby clearly differentiate between action and impact and integrate gravity and its influence on movement and stillness. Let your body speak as it knows all about the relaxation response in relation to gravity to bring about deep relaxation!



Welcome at Yogashala!

Yogashala is a studio where people with diverse backgrounds can share their interest in yoga. Our classes are based on a down-to-earth approach with clear instructions, clarifying yoga as awareness training. Yoga is for everyone. We offer various forms of yoga whereby dynamic and meditative approaches complement each other equally. Yoga is an invitation to awareness and refinement in movement and stillness that will positively impact body and mind.

If this appeals to you, we look forward to welcoming you to Yogashala!

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Would you like to encounter yoga in a comfortable and safe space? 

You can attend a class for free from 8 January until 28 February 2018. 

You can subscribe for it, or call us at 06 237 387 51 to get in touch. 

Dynamic yoga yoga3

Typical of Dynamic yoga and Kundalini yoga classes is continuous attention to physical effort, coordination and breathing.

Yin yoga iconyinyoga

Yin yoga classes are quite easy to follow, as the postures don’t require a lot of instructions. This style of yoga is certainly appropriate for beginners.

Kundalini yoga yinyanh

The context of Kundalini yoga are numerous so-called Kriyas which are a synthesis of powerful, dynamic movements and powerful breathing.

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yoga-voor-berginners Introduction course

March 2018; Saturday 10/03 + 17/03 + 24/03

This course is open to everybody who’s new to yoga. We will introduce you to the basics, principles and techniques of a dynamic yoga practice and support you in the exploration of a posture sequence that will suit everybody’s capacity. It is perfect to gradually implement the above mentioned basics, principles and techniques.

Within the explorations we will pay attention to breath and coordination in movement. As we apply a step-by-step approach and repetition, our intention is to comfort all attendees. We hereby apply an accessible and comprehensive learning method which provides the keys to an efficient yoga posture, pranayama (breathing) and meditation practice.

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Yogashala Sunday morning Specials


04 March @ 09:30-11:00 | Deep relaxation

Do you (occasionally) experience sleeping difficulties? Or feel restless and stressed too often?

Many of us have a hard time to relax physically and mentally from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In this Special we’ll practice doing and letting go, which is based on (re-)learning relaxation after effort. Accessible movements and postures that vary from dynamic to subtle and are based on several yoga styles will trigger the body’s relaxation response by having a direct impact on the nervous system.

Learn from this class and implement your positive experiences into daily life obligations and apply it whenever suitable to nourish your body & mind!


18 March @ 09:30-11:00 | Neck-Back-Shoulders

Have you been living with pain in your neck, back and shoulders for quite a while? You then surely should give this special yoga class a try!

We will practice easy and gentle postures and movements that target the neck, back and shoulder area. You will be invited to become aware of exercising in an either supine or vertical position and learn about the direct impact that gravity has on the targeted areas of your body.

This is an accessible and easy to follow class, open to everyone. Learn from this class so that you can self-practice what you remember whenever you feel tensed and stiff from daily life activities! Yogashala teacher Anke will share her wide knowledge in the class. She is highly experienced in supporting people with specific problems on their way to healing through self-care and awareness training.

Private yoga classes

Yoga taught privately is for anyone interested in a personal approach towards an effective and beneficial yoga practice. Each private class is unique and tailored to your individual needs, goals and abilities. We can offer support regarding a broad variety of requests, e.g. physical complaints, burn out, improving coordination, movement and balance or physical and mental relaxation. Upon request we can design an individual program for your self practice.

Video and podcast

With many thanks to Arnaud Wiehe from Dutchified and his series ‘What is that job?’ for his invitation to produce the video and podcast! The video clearly reflects our vision and practical approach to yoga posture practice. The podcast reveals information about our background and yoga journey, the story behind Yogashala, our group- and private classes and a lot more.



Chris Ramkema & Anke Mein
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