Welcome at Yogashala!

Yogashala is a small and intimate yogastudio in Den Haag. Founded in 2006, it has been a place for authentic yoga practice ever since. We created and evolved Yogashala as a space for people looking for personal attention and support, both during their first encounters with yoga and in continuing their yoga journey.

We care about every person who comes to practice to learn from us. Everyone is known to us by name. Whoever needs more personal assistance can consult and work with us outside group classes in a private setting.

Our presentation of yoga has been a fusion of all the knowledge we collected over the years and our deep trust in and love for life. We sometimes use a combination of yoga with other modalities to increase its impact. We attract and support people willing to invest in learning about active transformation, efficient physical and spiritual self-care, profound wellbeing, and healing from long-term issues.

We believe life has got a lot to offer and you can choose to open yourself to it. Our deepest intention is to live that openness by continuously creating a place for you that is heartwarming and safe. Over the years, we have enjoyed witnessing many people feeling inspired and empowered by our authenticity and knowingness.

We look forward to welcoming you at Yogashala where we will continue to reap and share the fruits of life!

Lady doing yoga in Den haag

Sunday Treat

We invite you to retreat from your daily life for an entire day with accessible yoga and meditation practices that will serve as a stepping stone for being, connecting and sharing in togetherness.The stillness and safety of the Shala with its homy, yet distinctive atmosphere will amplify the experience.

In the Morning we will professionally lead you through nourishing yoga and purposeful meditation practices. We will break for a tasty lunch and there will be time for tea and casual conversation. In the Afternoon we will navigate through what is naturally unfolding in the group. Space and time, filled with the energy that has accumulated during the previous activities, will serve as a safe foundation for being, connecting and sharing (systemic constellation work will serve as a tool for orientation and clarification).

It is our intention to stimulate a deep sense of connection and mutual support in order to reveal the healing power of the collective.   Register here 

next event:
Sunday 13 February 2022; 10:00-17:00
Costs: € 95,- (incl. Lunch) 

Candle at Yogashala den haag

Moving into relaxation

Roll out your yoga mat and prepare for a flow that will guide you into a deep relaxation! The series gives you an impression of the purity and effect of Dynamic yoga.

Private yoga classes

Forest walk after yoga in Den haag

In these troubled times, enhancing our RESILIENCE should be on the agenda of everyone. REFLECTION, CALM AND PEACEFULNESS are very much needed.

Private yoga classes  can highly contribute to this. I have the ability and years of experience to choose a targeted approach based on active listening. My on-the-spot choice for the class content will be based on a short reflection of what you are in need of at that very moment and what you practiced and learned before. My intuition contributes to a great extent.

Your private yoga classes should feel as “me-time” and be labeled as “quality time”.

I regularly dedicate blog posts to my one-on-one work to inspire growth, share experiences, reduce prejudices about yoga in general and clarify its potency.

I am looking forward to meeting and teaching you!
Best regards,

Expertise @ Yogashala

We are specialized in an individual approach regarding physical complaints (back, neck, shoulders, hips) and Burn out.
Our expertise is based on
* Chris’ knowledge as a.o. therapeutic masseur and movement expert;
* Anke’s knowledge in the practice of yoga in the necessary variations.

The aim is to bring about relief from the complaint and to stimulate the self-healing capacity of the body. Our experience has led to the insight that exercise is very often the best option for this as the body is made to move.

Anke and Chris after yoga in Den haag

Who are we?

Chris Ramkema


Chris encountered yoga at the age of 13, by that time he practiced postures from a book. For Chris there is no yoga, no life, no love without passion and teaching yoga without passion wouldn’t work either. He transmits his knowledge with pure and heartfelt teachings that define what Yogashala is well-known for.


Anke Mein


Anke’s main passion and strength in teaching yoga is intuition. Experience gathered over many years in drop-in classes and one-on-one interaction has helped crystallize her perception and approach of someone’s reality and need. She is one of the few Senior Dynamic yoga Teachers worldwide.


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Chris Ramkema & Anke Mein
Ten Hovestraat 8 (Statenkwartier)
2582 RL Den Haag
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